Who We Are.

Coded Tec takes a proactive approach to IT services & support, freeing organizations like yours to focus on their core business. Our collaborative approach to providing a wide range of IT services that allow us to anticipate your needs, while our services suites of support services provide exceptional responsiveness and convenience.

We have a clear understanding of the development requirements, and we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully complete the project. With a complete range of always-available services for the ultimate in flexibility and security, Coded Tec takes your mind off IT — leaving you to concentrate on growing your business. Coded Tec provides expert IT support for businesses in Kuwait.

At Coded Tec we understand that we may only have one chance to bring solid, quick solutions to meet or exceed your service needs. In our effort to provide a level of support that exceeds expectation, we have several distinct support and service areas to assure our customers that they receive the best Services from Coded Tech. Whether you operate in the commercial or service sectors, we offer the same levels of service.

We are strongly committed to build IT solutions and help organizations to reach their audience with targeted digital marketing plan will put you far ahead of your industry. We are always committed to build a cornerstone of business along with you for what is been requested and any future relationship that requires and involves Codedtec expertise in IT arena.

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Codedtec Execution Plan

The 5 point Codedtec life cycle



 Auditing the Existing infrastructure

 Evaluation of the existing infrastructure



 Recommending changes

 Getting approval for implementing changes

 Designing and planning operations

 Getting the approval



 Design Implementation

 Integration of present system with Coded tech System



 Application Management

 Operation Management

 Technical Management



 Measuring the project success

 Filing the report

 Improving based on report

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Recent Clients

There work is epic, All IT services under one roof, Now we keep 100% concetration on our bisuness.

-- Ms.Noor Bin Eidan